Works in Photography

Our main photographer has started photogrpahy in N.Y. He has lived in different countries as a professional photographer, also experienced many photo-shooting trips including Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Here in the gallery, we display some examples to show this studio's abilities and how the most photos are handled.

Sample Photo Gallery:
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-Product Photos
-Photos for Tourist Agencies
-Photos for Advertisement
-Events & Celebrations
-Nature & Science
-Food & Restaurants
-Art, Creative images

Other Skills

3D Graphic Art
With all of our photography skills, we are able to create 3D graphic images for web, digital publishing, large screens, and printing media. With latest Adobe Flash, we provide you fully interactive 360 degree panorama viewer or almost touchable product image which can be controlled by 360 degree trackball.

Shooting & Compositing for 3DCG
Composite photography entered to a new level with the latest 3D graphic tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, or other high-spec applications. Not just for huge movie projects, but we can create very realistic composite photographs for your projects, products, or even to fill your imaginations. We are now able to shoot photos for HDRI, image-based modeling, or for more complex 3D photogrammetry projects.

Panoramic Photography
Art Photography
Shift-Tilt Photography
Photography with Special Effects