2012/8/25 From Photographs to 3D models

Our studio set up a system to generate 3D models from photographs.
It is already an established technology in 3D graphic and survey industries,
but it is quite new to photography. We'd like keep improve this new skill
to archive art objects, products and to be used for other purposes.

Our services include:
1. Photo shoot.
2. Generating 3D models from the photographs.
3. Create suitable viewer for various platforms.

1. Photographs to 3D models* (Product shoot)
2. Photographs to 3D models* (Organic shape)
*Currently, capable up to 80cm+.

Previous experiments for building 3D model viewers.
3. Flash 3D model (human-male)
4. Flash 3D model (human-female shape)

2012/8/16 Update: Technical Improvements

Recent technical improvements on Photography and 3D graphic.

1. Now, supports 360 degrees panoramic photography.
2. Composite of two, photograph and 3D geometry model.
3. An example of composite, clothing photo and 3D model.
4. 3D photo shoot (360 degrees) for products/art objects, and its Flash 3D viewer.
5. Study in iOS APP development has been started.

I would like to show my appreciation to honored clients.

Those recent examples are at Photography/3D graphics page.
3D model viewer is also being updated. (For PC sites. It may take a minute to appear.)

2012/5/11 Sutdio is equiped with Adobe Creative Suite 6

To follow the most recent technology brought by the appearance of smartphones and tablets, the studio is utilised with Adobe Creative Suite 6. To the studio, it is not just matter of having it. Now, we are able to work on digital publishing standard formats like EPUB and PDF, together with 3D photography/object model enhancements. We are able to create 3D model viewer or 360 degree photo viewer with original works in. The studio is also trying the same on HTML5/css3/Javascript environment, in order to make clients to view the works on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or the tablets that are getting higher screen resolutions day by day.

This site is going to be updated when the new services are ready, please wait for more details.

2011/2/7 3D Model Viewer is updated

We've added a complete 3D model set to the viewer. It is quite exciting for us to be able to use it for real projects. There are much to improve, but we would be happy to run for that kind of effort. Many thanks to Papervision technology. We will start 3D modeling, texture shooting, and finalization process in house. We believe it is very useful for products, art, architecture, fashion and many other subjects to present well on web or various media including new android devices.

Please visit here to view the sample: 3D Model Viewer

2011/2/7 Video Streaming Samples & 3D Model Video

There are two video streaming tests, we've tried. One is DSLR video streaming, and the other is a video that features rotating 3D Model, done with After Effect and Photoshop CS5.

Video - 3D Model Rotation by After Effect and Photoshop:
1. 3D object rotation - 3D Model Video

Video - DSLR streaming test:
2. For windows PCs and android devices: Flash Video
3. For Apple iOS, such as iphone and ipad: html5 video tag for ipad

2010/12/12 Demo file updates

We've added following to this site:
1. Carousel type photo viewer - this page.
2. FloverCow type photo viewer: Photography Page of this site.
3. Google Map implementation to Flash project: Flash Google Map
4. API implementation to Flash: Hotpepper API (Japanese)

2010/11/26 3D Viewers - A New Turn

We considered, after creating 2 studies of 3D viewers, what would be our new turn. Though it is a little away from photography, studio's main subject, we decided to learn and start develop iPhone and Android applications.

Luckily, in this fall, Apple has lifted restrictions over Adobe's Packager for iPhone, possibilities of AIR applications became larger. By knowing that, we decided to learn Action Script 3.0, which was a quite different from A.S.2.0, and build an environment to create AIR applications. Prior to that, Android was supported by Flash natively, so that we are going to prepare for test environment, and try building Android applications as well.

Besides the viewers we are improving, we also have other subjects to work with. To keep up business for future, we will be aiming at high quality visual images, and visual based application.

Currently active subjects:
1. 3D Model Viewer: located at a separate page, 3D Model Viewer.
2. 360 degree panoramic viewer: Top Page of this site.
3. AR (Augmented Reality) first trial: located at a separate page, AR test (require a webcam).
4. Video Streaming: Confidential
5. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): located at a separate page, SVG test.

2010/11/16 3D Model Viewer

We've created a page to check 3D viewer. The work isn't done yet,
but it is good idea to share how this works, for further improvement.

For detail & Flash sample please visit: 3D Model Viewer

2010/11/03 360 degree Panoramic Viewer (Installer Test version)

Ikona Photography has started to develop 360 Panorama photo viewer. This is our first version of the viewer, and this is exported in Adobe AIR format for users to watch it on various devices. It is not tested on iPhone and iPad yet, but we are planing to deploy it on these popular devices as well.

AIR Test version can be download at:
Sorry, trial period is closed.

Tested on Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6.5
To find out about Adobe AIR:
To uninstall, use default installer, or on Windows XP,
you could also uninstall from "control panel".

please send a question or feedback via email. Mail us

2010/10/26 Our studio to start 3D graphic and 360 degree viewer creation

After many practices, we now create 3D models and 360 panoramic photo viewer in house.
At the stage of choosing application for panoramic photo viewer, we decided to use Flash, because user can view it on various devices, such as smart phones or electric book readers. We can customize the viewer for large-sized screens for shows/exhibitions as well.

Also, we do create 3D models at your needs. In addition, we are able to provide you a same "360 vision viewer for 3D models" that goes with it.

If you are interested, please let us know via on-line form or email

2009/07/04 New Photo Library is built

New photo library is now built.
To see our updated photo collection please visit following link:
Photography Gallery

2009/05/25 New Service

We now create movies with full HD movie camera. The service includes a simple DVD authoring with Machintosh iMovie & iDVD. For events, memorials, and various documentations.

For the availabilities and price, please contact to:

2009/04/21 Photographic Models and Subjects are sought

Models are sought for our work samples, if you allow us to use photos
for this site and other promotional materials, we take photos at lower price.

Photo Subjects are:
Memorial Photos, portraits, products, art crafts,
events, tourist spots, and so on...

If you are interested in applying, please write to

2009/03/03 Site is renewed

This site is designed to introduce photography and art related services of Ikona Color Photography. We are also planning to add more features such as photo gallery, stock photo library and others.